What is management?

To define management it may take a few words or may be a few pages. Small but vast term- management. Well the term management was popularized by Fredrick Winslow Taylor whom we all know as the one who conducted studies on industrial engineering. But he termed managers as executives. However management in the words of Peter F. Drucker is the tool which makes productive use of both human and material resources. Coming apart from the terms and words of the great ones. I term management as the system which is needed to integrate the work of each institution. That’s true that most of the big, rather say business giants started from a one-man-shop. But as they scale up their operations, their system grows complex. There rises a need of management. The two kinds of an organisation are similar to that of two kinds of organism. One is the hard-skinned insect which is tightly held by its tough skin. And the other is the vertebrate who has a skeleton. So when its about growing, the insect cant grow beyond a few inches. To grow larger, skeleton is needed. Similarly, a one-man-venture can’t grow beyond a fixed arena. To be a giant, an organisation needs management. Management doesn’t necessarily mean appointment of an executive. But if the ultimate owner doesn’t inherit the skills to make out productive use from the subordinates, there has to be someone to replace the owner’s position, as a manager. If the management applied on reaching the line of complexity. Then, there would only be mob, rather than an institution.


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