Roadside India


India I tell you is a really very awesome and interesting country. The same is the indian food and beverage culture. You can find almost everything everywhere. The only difference is you’ll experience the local avatar of it. Today I am to talk about the beloved beverage of india, tea, or i shall call it ‘CHAI’. Tea in india has got a long history of thousands of years. If we talk of tea being recorded in the history, it was first recorded in the Ramayana then in the stories of buddhist monks and so goes the story on and on…. Anyways you’ll be surprised to know that the planning commission of our country has plans to announce tea as, the ‘NATIONAL DRINK’ sounds interesting. Well to add up to your surprise tea has already been announced as the state drink of Assam. I feel proud to say that india is the second largest exporter of tea. However closing up on the chapter of stats, I’ll come to the point. So today i had been to a roadside tea stall. What a relaxing experience it was. Actually tea apart from just being a beverage acts as a medicine to treat a no. of maladies. Coming back… so it was all just a mild headache which made me rush to a tea stall. This was the very first time that i was ordering a cup of tea,they call it ‘SPECIAL RABDI CHAI’. That too from a road side stall. Believe me or not that small cup of tea was a complete package of pleasing flavours and aroma. Which made me feel refreshed just with a few sips. The milky and sweet flavour was very nicely neutralising the flavours of bitter medicinal additives. This was the best cup of CHAI I have ever had. So all you guys reading this up, go and have a cup of tea. I am sure you’ll feel much more refreshed and energized.