Financial freedom

Money is certainly the key to turn the dreams we have into reality we live. But to master this game we have to be the chess players not the chess peices. Money neither is paper nor is gold today, but it’s zeros and ones in banking computer screens. Who’s after money today? No one. We all are actually after the emotions that money creates: the power of empowerment, of freedom, of security, of having a choice, of feeling .We should work not because we have to rather because we want to. That’s financial freedom. To add up to the quality of your living there lies a single fundamental skill- financial planning. Even multimillion-dollar earners who didn’t apply the skill, list it all.
The skill teaches you to earn money while you sleep and multiply your income. And this joy comes to those who are not just the consumers in the economy but are the owners and we do it by becoming an investors. But remember investing doesn’t mean the stocks your grandma bought you when you were born or the stocks of company you work for. It’s your investment world. Do the analysis there are thousand of options to choose from. Invest right and master the game.